Steering Through Troubled Waters - Helping Colleagues Under Stress

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Increasing Empathy and Trust on LinkedIn Learning

Case Studies

My Manager Over-shares About His Personal Life and I Want Him to Stop

Telling a chronically tardy employee with child care issues that she has to be on time … without tears

My New Coworker is Rude and Hostile to Clients



Why Fostering a Culture of Compassion in the Workplace Matters

Handling Grief at Work: What You Should–and Shouldn’t–Say

Handling Personal Tragedies Around You

What to Do When an Employee Cries at Work

How Not to Say the Wrong Thing

Manager’s Guide to Monitoring Stress

Created by and for the University of St. Matthews, this page still has useful general information for managers about this topic.

The Characteristics of a Helping Relationship by Carl Rogers



This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen to Me: 10 Make-or-Break Choices When Life Steals Your Dreams and Rocks Your World

Coaching for improved work performance

Includes a section on coaching for performance when an employee is struggling with personal issues.



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