Babysitting Service

Babysitting Coordinator

The babysitting service for Williams College faculty and staff children is available by emailing the babysitting coordinator, Victoria Chentsovababysitting

Please include your name, phone number, as well as the number,  age, and gender of children, and whether you have any pets.

Important notice: The babysitters are not employees of the College or the babysitting coordinator. Neither the College nor the babysitting coordinator pre-screens or exercises supervisory control over the babysitters. The Babysitting Coordinator will make a best effort to pair you appropriately, but You must determine whether the babysitters are appropriate sitters for your children.

Some Helpful Reminders

  1. The babysitting coordinating service is not available on the weekend. Please make arrangements for weekend babysitting between Monday-Friday.
  2. You must email at least 24 hours before you need a sitter.
  3. Please establish a rate with the sitter prior to his/her arrival.  (See Items #2 and 6 under Parents’ Responsibilities regarding compensation for students traveling outside of the Williamstown area.)
  4. This service is only for Williams Faculty and Staff. Families who are not affiliated with the College should contact Janine Burt in the Office of Human Resources to discuss the possibility of reaching out to current students.
  5. The babysitting service does not provide pet sitting or house sitting services. (You can post requests of this type on WSO or Switchboard – login is required.)
  6. The College and the babysitting coordinator bear no responsibility in connection with the babysitter’s operation of any motor vehicles.

Coordinator’s Responsibilities

  1. The coordinator will take requests from 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, except during college holidays, vacations, reading periods, and exams. S/he will answer requests as soon as possible.
  2. The coordinator will be responsible for trying as hard as possible to find a sitter, but there is no guarantee that s/he will be successful with every request.
  3. The coordinator will not be obliged to find one particular sitter who may be requested by a parent.
  4. If the parent has a preference for a female or a male sitter, the coordinator will try to accommodate the parent.
  5. The coordinator will obtain and have available the following information from students who are interested in babysitting through the Babysitting Registration Form: name, telephone number, when they can be reached, babysitting experience, and preference, if any, for age of children (infant, toddler, etc.), and whether or not they have their own transportation.
  6. The coordinator will then contact the parent with the information about the sitter and instruct the parent to contact that sitter to finalize babysitting arrangements.
  7. If the coordinator is unable to find a sitter, s/he will call the parents as soon as possible to let them know that s/he was unsuccessful.

Parents’ Responsibilities

  1. The parent should give at least 24 hours notice to the coordinator when she/he has a need for a sitter. Because of students’ schedules and the coordinator’s responsibilities for classes and other college activities, it is always in the parents’ best interest to give the coordinator as much notice as possible.
  2. An hourly pay rate should be established prior to the sitter arriving. We suggest $11 per hour which is roughly proximal with the current minimum wage as of 1/1/17.
  3. When the parent requests a sitter, she/he should supply the following information to the coordinator:
    • number, age, and gender of children, any pets
    • beginning and approximate end times of babysitting required
    • type of service needed; i.e., will feeding be required, will the children be awake or asleep?
  4. Once the coordinator has found a sitter and given the sitter’s name, telephone number, etc., to the parent, it will be the responsibility of the parent to contact the sitter directly to finalize babysitting arrangements. This should be done as soon as possible in order to avoid missing connections.
  5. If a parent should change plans after making arrangements with the coordinator to find a sitter, the parent should let the coordinator know that she/he no longer needs a sitter. If the coordinator has already provided information to the parent about a sitter, the parent should call the sitter directly (even if the parent has not finalized arrangements) to let the sitter know that she/he is not needed. If the parent cannot reach the sitter, the parent should contact the coordinator. This will allow the sitter to make other plans or to take another babysitting job.
  6. TRANSPORTATION FOR BABYSITTING: Students and parents who use the babysitting service are reminded that parents are responsible for providing transportation. Some students, however, do have their own transportation and are willing to drive to their babysitting assignment. We do suggest that those students traveling outside of the Williamstown area be compensated for their automobile mileage. The College uses the rate of 58.5 cents/mile. The Security Office is unable to provide that transportation.
    Also, on occasion, parents have allowed babysitters to use the parent’s vehicle during, or otherwise related to, the babysitting. The College and the babysitting coordinator bear no responsibility in connection with the babysitter’s operation of any motor vehicle.
  7. The parent will leave the following information for the sitter:
    • where she/he can be reached
    • doctor’s telephone number
    • if necessary, name and number of relative or friend who could be called upon in an emergency
    • special instructions, if needed, such as medication, bedtime routine, nursing, etc.
  8. The parent will notify the coordinator if the sitter has been unsatisfactory for any reason.

If you have any questions or comments about the service, please call Marybeth Mitts in the Office of Human Resources at 597-4587