Coworking Rental Reimbursement

Shared workplaces in our region offer spouses and partners access to professional connections and dedicated office and meeting areas, facilitating community-building and work activity. As part of the College’s commitment to the success of independent professional activity, Williams underwrites some of the cost involved with use of a coworking space.

Specifically, any spouse or partner will be reimbursed for 50% of the cost of access or membership at any coworking space, not to exceed one full year.

Below are the main coworking spaces within a 30 minute drive of Williamstown. Each offers varied access, from hourly to monthly rental of space and equipment.


  1-North Adams, MA: 

East Studios @gWorks at Greylock Works, 508 State Road


Cloud85 at 85 Main Street, Suite 224.

More information on downtown North Adams here.




2- Pittsfield, MA: Framework Pittsfield Coworking at 437 North Street.

More information on downtown Pittsfield here.

3- Bennington, VT: The Lightning Jar at 194 North Street

More information on downtown Bennington here.



How to Apply for Funds:

First, pay for the use of the coworking space of your choice.  

Then, send a copy of your receipt to the Spouse Partner manager, Cecilia Hirsch, at SPR​ Refunds will be made in the Williams College employee’s next paycheck, minus applicable taxes.