2018-2019 Supervisory Training Series

September 2018 through August 2019
Monthly,  2nd Thursday of the month, 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., September 2018 – August 2019

Human Resources is pleased to announce the next round of the Supervisory Training Series.  The program is designed for all supervisors.  It includes best practices in supervision, as well as specific information about how to get things done as a supervisor here at Williams.

The modules cover a broad range of topics, that will:

  • improve your personal effectiveness,
  • make you a better leader of individuals and teams, and
  • give you a broader perspective on how your actions as a supervisor can support Williams.

The program is composed of 12 monthly sessions, which can be taken individually or as a series.  Each module includes:

  • a presentation of key information for that topic,
  • case study discussions to encourage practical application of the information, and
  • a guide to relevant resources.

A web page will be created for each session, so you’ll have access all of this information regardless of whether you attended a given session.

You’ll receive a calendar invite with all of the details shortly after you register.





Communication and Self-Management  9/13/18 Listening Skills Kevin Thomas
 10/11/18 Giving Effective Feedback Kevin Thomas
Supervising Individuals  11/8/18 Delegation Skills Kevin Thomas
 12/12/18 Diversity & Inclusion for the Supervisor Molly Magavern
 1/10/19 Hiring   Tapi Nhundu
 2/14/19 Leaves, Absences, and Accommodations Kris Maloney and Toya Camacho
 3/14/19 Performance Development Kevin Thomas
 4/11/19 Dealing with Performance Problems Danielle Gonzalez
 5/9/19 Developing Employees Kevin Thomas
Supervising Teams  6/13/19 Building Effective Teams Kevin Thomas
 7/11/19 Resolving Conflict Debbie Lynangale,
The Mediation and Training Collaborative
Supervising at Williams  8/8/19 Professional Ethics Fred Puddester