Student Employment

Student Employment information will be updated on an ongoing basis as we continue preparing for Workday to go live in June 2024.

Student employment can be an important part of a student’s overall college experience. Not only can students enhance their academic experience through positions, they also have the opportunity to acquire workplace skills, knowledge, and abilities while enrolled at Williams.

Please take a moment to review these bullet points. Additional resources can also be found below by clicking on the links in the table below.

  • The federal government requires that all employees, including students, complete the I-9 Form before they can begin working. The form must be completed in person and only specific, original identification documents can be accepted.
  • All student employment is to be completed in-person and on campus. Remote work is not permitted.
  • Students are permitted to work a total of 20 hours per week. This limit will be closely monitored.

Please contact studentemployment​@williams​.edu with questions regarding student employment.

Student Employment Resources for:

Information on these pages will be updated as we continue preparing for our transition to Workday in June 2024.

Students: Information for new and returning students.
Hiring Managers, Supervisors & Time Approvers: This page is being updated and will be live soon! In the meantime, to get started, please visit the Student Employment Guidelines
Summer Employment: Student employment during the summer differs from the academic year in a few ways. This page offers helpful distinctions between the two along with other relevant information.
Parents & Families: A welcome letter for the parents and families of Williams students along with some FAQs.

In a given academic year, Williams employs approximately 1100 students,  in over 55 departments.