Finding & Applying for a Campus Job

A few helpful points as you start looking for your campus job:

  • Departments are strongly encouraged to advertise available student positions in Workday beginning June 2024. Students will be able to search for and apply for jobs directly in Workday as of June 16, 2024.
  • Not all available student opportunities are advertised outside of the department where they exist. So, if you are interested in a specific department or certain job, you can reach out to departments directly.
  • Most student positions do not require you to submit a resume. There may be some that do, but don’t fret if you don’t have one just yet. Don’t let your resume be an obstacle that keeps you from applying for the job you want! The ’68 Center for Career Exploration has advice on building a resume, so give it a try. We suggest applying for multiple jobs, because you may not always get your first choice.
  • Most jobs for the academic year will be advertised starting in late summer and it’s a great idea to check back often. Don’t forget that jobs may also be announced on department websites and newsletters, in Daily Messages, on Switchboard, or on WSO’s job board. These may redirect you to Workday for more details and to apply.
  • You can also ask friends, not-friends-yet, JAs, department administrative assistants, staff, and faculty to see if they know of available jobs. Professional success, at Williams and beyond, is often created through the connections you make, so don’t be shy when looking for work.
  • Sometimes, residents of Williamstown will seek out Williams students to help with lawn care, gardening, child care, pet sitting, computer skills, etc. These jobs will be posted on Switchboard.

Ready to start searching & applying? Visit Workday!