Completing Timecards

All students working during the academic year (with the exception of Teaching Assistants – see below) should enter their hours in the Human Resources System.

Here’s a quick video on how most student employees can enter their time via the WebClock. Near the end it will show how to use Timesheets, which are available for most, but not all jobs on campus. 

What’s the difference between Webclock and Timesheets?


The Human Resouces System often has two options for recording time – both will record your time for a student employment job. The Webclock option is like a traditional punch clock, where you are required to use a specific device to login, and logout for work. The Webclock records exactly what time you punch in or out. This system verifies that you were in a specific location to punch in and out, and exactly what time you did. The Webclock should be used whenever practical and is preferred across campus.


The Timesheet is for instances where you cannot be at the same location to punch in and out effectively and/or in cases where you’re expected to record your hours after you’ve already worked them. For example, if you’ve been hired to drive it doesn’t always make sense for you to login and out at the same computer, so you enter your hours manually after you’ve completed the work.

Supervisors are able to differentiate between timestamps entered via the Webclock, and those entered via Timesheets.

Verify your dates before submitting. You can go back, or forward in some cases by changing the date on the page and clicking the green refresh button next to it.

Teaching Assistants and Timesheets….none.

TAs are paid by semester, not by the hour. Their lump sum is dispersed in even amounts, every two weeks throughout the semester. TAs will not be able to enter hours for their Teaching Assistant positions, but should enter hours for any other position(s) they may hold.

If you’re interested in when you’ll receive a paycheck, or what the pay rates are, please visit the Pay Schedule & Rates section of our website.