Get a job

Are you a student who wants to work at Williams? Here’s what you need to do:

Take care of everything in Part A in any order you’d like, but complete them all before moving to Part B and then start working!

First: Part A

  • Complete Form I-9 ASAP once you’re on campus. It must be done in person and every employee must complete one. You must have original identification documents (no copies of any kind can be accepted) with you to complete the form. Here’s more information on the form and what documents are legally acceptable.
    • FIRST YEAR STUDENTS – Bring your documents to the Resource Fair on Move In Day and feel free to send them home afterwards. You generally only need to complete the form once in your 4 years at Williams. Completing it on Move In Day saves you from having to trek to Human Resources later. 
    • RETURNING STUDENTS – If you haven’t done it before…trek to Human Resources to take care of it (across from the Williams Bookstore, on the 2nd floor above Tunnel City).
  • Know your Hiring Priority | We give priority to Financial Aid recipients. Sounds easy, right? The nitty-gritty can be complicated, so make sure you know what priority the Financial Aid office has designated for you.  Here’s more information on why some financial aid students are “high” priority and others are “low” priority for hiring.
    • “Low” priority first-year students can look for jobs, but may not be hired until the middle of September.
    • Supervisors are not allowed to hire “low” priority first-year students until the middle of September.
    • If you are Federal Work Study (FWS) eligible (high priority), you have access to additional job opportunities. Looking for jobs that indicate you must be eligible for FWS.
  • Find a  job
    • All student employment jobs will be advertised through the Career Center’s Handshake system.
      • Login to Handshake and select the grey “Jobs” label in the top middle-ish of the page.
      • On the left side, under Job Type, click the box for On Campus Student Employment and Handshake will automatically select those jobs for you to check out.
      • If you click the box for Jobs, you will see many other options that have nothing to do with student employment on campus. These are better suited for summer, or after graduation.
    • Most student positions do not require you to submit a resume. There may be a few that do, but don’t fret if you don’t have one just yet. Don’t let your resume be an obstacle that keeps you from applying for the job you want! The Career Center has great advice on building a resume, so give it a try!
    • FIRST YEAR STUDENTS You should apply for more than one job, because there’s no guarantee you’ll get your first choice. We recommend applying for no more than 4-6 jobs at the same time. Once you decide on a job, it’s a practice to let other supervisors know that you’ve accepted a position and are not available for the one(s) they have available (a quick, but polite email will get the job done).
  • Additionally, some jobs are also posted on Switchboard, Daily Messages, or on WSO’s Job board. Ask friends, non-friends, JAs, faculty, and their office assistants, to see if they know of available jobs. Many positions are created just through the connections you make, so don’t be shy when looking for work!
  • Second: Part B

    • Follow up
      • Generally, communicating a little more than you might think you should is better is better than communicating too little! Follow up with a supervisor or department if you haven’t heard back (usually the person you originally contacted is a good start). If you want to be sure you have the schedule right, verify it in an email. You can also stop by their office to say “hi” and double check that everything is all set. If your job requires an interview, please feel free to contact us for help with preparing.
      • FIRST YEAR STUDENTS Feel free to follow up with supervisors before you’ve completed Form I-9. You can’t start working, but you can get all the other communications and expectation alignment out of the way.
      • TAX FORMS – When your supervisor adds you to Human Resources System (our payroll system), you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to complete the tax paperwork (two forms, the W4 and the M4) directly in the Human Resources System. We highly recommend you complete the forms before your first paycheck. If you don’t, we complete them as applicable by law and withhold taxes at the highest rate. You may change your tax forms at any time in the system.
      • DIRECT DEPOSIT  – This is a great thing to do! We don’t require it, but we do strongly encourage it. Setting up direct deposit means that your earnings are automatically deposited on payday into the bank account(s) of your choice. A quick note for international students; the account does have to be with a U.S. bank, but it’s easy to set up an account at a local bank.

    Finally: Part C

    • Work, report your hours in the Human Resources System, and be Happy! Once you get a job, remember to ALWAYS enter your hours for the pay period by the due date and behave in a professional manner. Your campus jobs build highly valuable experience and often lead to recommendation letters  – it may only be a few hours a week, but treat the position with respect. Here’s more information on other important aspects of your job, like your earnings limit, weekly hourly limits, and what to do if you think you might want or need to change jobs.