First Things First - let's start with paperwork

Here are important things to do and know if you are a student at Williams who is interested in having a campus job:

1. Complete Form I-9 

Generally, any student who has a completed I-9 Form may hold a campus job at Williams. An I-9 form is required before a student can begin work.

The I-9 must be completed in person with Human Resources before starting work. 

You can now schedule an appointment to complete Form I-9! Appointments will shorten wait times and lessen congestion in the Human Resources office. The Human Resources Office is located on Spring Street, between Tunnel City and Where’d You Get That. The office entrance is next to the ATM machine and we are located on the second floor (an elevator is available). Other opportunities to complete the I-9 will be announced via Daily Messages as they become available.

The I-9 must be completed prior to beginning work. Generally speaking, your I-9 will cover your entire four years at Williams and you will not have to complete another one. **You can apply for and interview for campus positions before completing your I-9. However, you cannot begin working until after it is completed.

Only original and unexpired identification documents can be accepted to complete Form I-9. (a complete list of the only documents we can accept can be found here). We cannot accept reproductions of any kind for identification documents.

  • If you are an international student, attending Williams with an F-1 visa, you must also provide a copy of Form I-20 and Form I-94. You will have access to your I-94 after you enter the U.S. and gain F-1 status.

While the Social Security Number (SSN) is not required for the I-9, it will be needed for tax purposes. If you have your SSN, please include it on the I-9.

  • International students are permitted to begin work for a limited time prior to applying for their SSN. The number will need to be provided to us after it is received.

2. Review Tax Forms

Student employment income is considered taxable income and is subject to income tax withholding by both the federal and state governments.

After your supervisor hires you into a position through the Human Resources System (our payroll system), you will receive an email providing you with access to two tax forms, the W4 (federal withholding) and the M4 (state withholding) directly in the Human Resources System. We recommend that you review the forms and make any changes you wish to make within the first couple of pay periods, if not before. If you don’t, the forms default as applicable by law and withhold taxes at the highest rate. You may change your tax forms at any time in the system.

If you are an international student, you can complete the M4 in the Human Resources System. The payroll department will be reaching out to you about an introduction to Sprintax. This is a platform the college uses to support international students with a number of tax related items. You will be able to complete your W4 through that platform.

Please note that we are not permitted to give individual tax advice to any student. If you have questions about how to complete these forms, please check with a parent or other trusted person who can assist you with this.

ALL students. A note about tax return filing. Each year in late January, W2 forms will be mailed to the permanent address you have on record with the college. The W2 reflects your total earnings from the college for the previous tax year and are used when you or your parents file a tax return (i.e. the W2 for the 2023 tax year is mailed in January 2024).

If you are an active student employee you have the option of accessing the W2 electronically as well. You can do so through the Human Resources system using the following path Classic Home > Self Service > Williams Employment

If you need a duplicate of the current W2 and/or W2 forms for previous tax years and no longer have access through he HR system, you may request it/them by email at [email protected]

3. Direct Deposit

College employees, including students, are required to have direct deposit for payroll purposes. Your earnings will automatically be available in your bank account on payday! A U.S. bank account is required and the process is simple to set up an account at a local bank.

If you are enrolled in direct deposit for Accounts Payable, your Payroll direct deposit will be created using the same bank information. You can enroll or update your direct deposit at > Self Service > Campus Finances > Manage My Bank Account > Add Bank Account Details.


If participation in the direct deposit program represents a challenge for you, please contact us at [email protected]