Human Resources System Help | Students

Did you know there are multiple Administrative Systems at Williams? One for basically everything associated with your Student Records and another for all things employment (Human Resources). For student employment use, our Human Resources System.

You can download the Student Employment Mod Instructions for Students if you’re new to the system, and then follow the menu: Main Menu > Self Service > Williams Employment > My Employment to:

  • Confirm the completion status of required federal and state payroll forms
  • Review Williams employment profile, including active and historical job data
  • Track your campus earnings
  • View paychecks online

To record your time, follow this path:

Self Service > Time Reporting > Report Time > Timesheet or Webclock

Student positions are set up to use either the timesheet option or the webclock option. If you select one, but do not have the ability to enter your time, your position uses the other option.