Summer Employment Guidelines

Additional Revisions Coming Soon for 2018! Please check back for updated details & links for Summer Employment at Williams.

Summer Payroll 2018:  May 21, 2018 – August 31, 2018

Below is an overview of the guidelines for summer employment.  Look for an easier to read format soon!

All Research Assistants, Internship Recipients, and other hourly workers are compensated through Payroll for the summer. If they are to be hired, or otherwise compensated between the established summer dates May 21-August 31, 2018, please consider the following 3 points for each individual. Scroll down for additional information.

1. Eligibility for Employment: All employees/internship recipients must:

  • Complete payroll paperwork prior to working. This means before leaving campus if applicable.
    • It must be done in person with approved identification documents.
    • If they/you held an academic year position on campus, then they/you completed the paperwork.
    • Paperwork status can be checked in the Human Resources System.
    • Must be 16 yrs or older (if under 18 years old, a work permit is required)
    • Hiring preference is given to enrolled students (defined as entering first-years and rising sophomores, juniors and seniors) who are financial aid recipients, followed by enrolled non-aid recipients.
    • International hires must coordinate with the Dean’s Office.

2. Payment Structure: Hourly Rates, Stipends, other lump sum arrangements (internships)

  • Hourly positions over the summer
    • Examples: Office Assistants, Reunion workers, RAs who are not part of the Summer Research Program (SRP), Math SMALL Program, Interns on campus.
    • Time is entered directly in the HR System by students. See below for more.
    • They have fewer total, or more variable, weekly hours.
    • TO HIRE – use Manager Self-Service
  • Stipend RAs
    • Usually part of the Div I, II, and III approved Summer Research Programs (SRP)
    • Set stipends of $440/week for up to 10 weeks
    • Generally working 40 hours a week
    • TO HIREFollow these instructions to enter them in the Human Resources System.
  • Internship Stipends and other lump sum payments
    • All internships are to be paid through payroll for tax purposes.
    • Make sure payroll paperwork is completed prior to leaving campus (see #1 above).
    • Edits to payment details

3. Housing

  • The Office of Student Life coordinates summer housing, which can be extremely limited in the summer.
  • Meals – Students living in campus housing during the summer are required to purchase a meal plan.  Contact Dining Services (x2121) for more information.
  • SU Boxes/Mail – Students who wish to continue receiving paychecks should contact the mail room and request their SU box remain open for the summer to ensure their paychecks aren’t mailed home. Mail is automatically forwarded to addresses on file with the Registrar’s office. If you need mail forwarded somewhere else, please contact them directly at x4286 to request an update.

Direct Deposit

  • While optional, it’s strongly encouraged. Employees may sign up for direct deposit at anytime through Self Service.  Cuts down on paper waste, and makes it virtually impossible to lose your paycheck.

More Detailed Information:

Summer Payroll Dates: May 21, 2018 – August 31, 2018

Summer payroll dates exist for tax reasons; Social Security and Medicare (F.I.C.A.) must be withheld from summer employment arrangements. Depending on the nature of a specific position there may be overlap between summer payroll dates, and academic year payroll dates. Students may not be on academic year payroll concurrently with summer payroll due to tax complications. If you are planning to employ a student outside of the summer payroll dates, and it’s not part of the regular academic year student employment, please contact [email protected].


  • Payroll Paperwork: Every employee of the college is required to complete U.S. Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, before working at Williams. The Form I-9 requires specific, original identification documents. Photocopies or faxes cannot be accepted.  Examples of acceptable documents are a Passport, Birth Certificate, or Social Security card. A complete list of acceptable documents may be found on the last page of the form itself; please bring these documents with you to complete the form. ALL Employees should complete these forms IN PERSON; those working off-campus should complete them BEFORE LEAVING. These forms usually take less than 5 minutes and may be completed during business hours in The Office of Human Resources.
  • Additionally, U.S. Form W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, and Massachusetts Form M-4 Massachusetts Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate should be completed electronically. They are found in the Human Resources System.
  • Departmental assistants may verify if a student has completed their paperwork through Human Resources System by running a Student Employment Inquiry.
  • Additionally, a quick check is to ask the student if they’ve ever received a paycheck from Williams. If yes, then it’s almost certain they’ve completed the paperwork.
  • If a prospective employee is younger than 18 (and older than 16) they will need to procure a work permit. Mt. Greylock Regional High School is usually able to issue one as necessary. Please contact HR with questions if this applies.
  • International Students should contact the Dean’s Office to discuss OPT/CPT as applicable by visa type as it relates to the proposed employment/internship arrangement.

Payment Structure: Hourly Wages, Stipends, and Lump Sum Payments

  • There are myriad legal considerations that go into whether an employee/contractor/student may be paid via a lump sum (even if it’s dispersed over time), or if they should be considered an hourly employee. Please contact us if you have any question as to the proper way to compensate an individual.
  • The Summer Research Program stipend amount is set by the Provost Office. These students should be hired through Human Resources System, and there are directions on how to do so above (in the #2 section).
  • Other jobs on-campus for the summer are not stipend positions. With very few exceptions, students in these positions are hired through Manager Self-Service.
    • There are different Administrative Systems. For timesheets, use the Human Resources System.
    • Navigate to: Self Service>>Time Reporting>>Report Time>>Timesheet
    • Enter the total hours worked on specific dates. Watch a video tutorial.  
    • All hourly employees, students and staff, are on the same level from a payroll perspective. The only person in a department who automatically has access to approve timesheets is the department head. All others must have their department heads request access be given.
    • Access to approve timesheets can only be given by department; if you can approve one person’s timesheet in a department, you can approve all of them (except your own).
    • Detailed instructions for how to approve timesheets will be kept on HR’s Faculty and Self Service web page under the Time Management menu. Here’s a link to it.

Alterations to Hire/compensation information

  • If you find that you’ve made a mistake in entering hire information into the HR System, you should complete the Temp Emp CHANGE Form.
  • If your employee quits/leaves/otherwise disappears, please complete the Temp Emp Change form…and contact HR directly. We can’t have disappearing employees without an explanation. Many of them will continue to be paid unless you notify us.
  • If your employee’s wages need to be charged to a different account than what you entered – you may complete the Temp Emp Change form.

If you have any other questions, please contact Human Resources.