Summer Student Experiences

Summer 2021: Monday, May 24th through Friday, September 3rd (please note, the start and end dates fall in the middle of their respective pay periods)

Summer employment for Williams students is different from academic year student employment in a couple of ways, most notably the pay schedule and tax implications.

We would like to create as many educational opportunities as possible for students while continuing to protect public health and balancing the operational impacts on campus. We are particularly interested in supporting on-campus experiences for students, though we recognize that there will be important exceptions for health or other reasons.

  • Our summer programs are designed to be in-person experiences, and we expect students to be on campus for the duration of their programs.
  • We cannot “employ” students to perform work remotely during the summer.
  • Students are still required to complete the I-9 Form before they can be hired or receive payment. The Department of Homeland Security has established interim protocols to complete the I-9 that do not require a student to appear in person to complete the form. Instructions for completing and submitting Form I-9 can be found here.

Employment preference is given to enrolled Williams students, defined as entering first-years and rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Within that group, hiring priority is given to individuals receiving financial aid.

Hiring through Manager Self-Service in the Human Resources System will be available for most summer 2021 positions.

Please note that authorization forms may still be required for some positions as well as in situations where an exception has been granted. They must be submitted by the dates indicated below in order for payment to be generated by the associated pay date (see table below). Authorization forms received after the required date will be processed for the following check issue date.

Change forms to support any adjustments to a student’s job data after they have been hired into a position must also be submitted based on the dates below.

Questions About Summer Student Experiences:  please contact [email protected].

Summer 2021 Important Payroll Dates 

(Same pay dates as Support Staff during the summer)

Authorization and/or Change Forms required by this date
Pay period Deadline for Direct Deposit & Tax Forms Check issue date
N/A May 9-May 22 N/A Fri, May 28
Mon, May 31 May 23-Jun 5 Sat, Jun 5 Fri, Jun 11
Mon, Jun 14 Jun 6-June 19 Sat, Jun 19 Fri, Jun 25
Mon, Jun 28 Jun 20-Jul 3 Sat, Jul 3 Fri, Jul 9
Mon, Jul 12 Jul 4-Jul 17 Sat, Jul 17
Fri, Jul 23
Mon, Jul 26 Jul 18-Jul 31 Sat, Jul 31 Fri, Aug 6
Mon, Aug 9 Aug 1 -Aug 14 Sat, Aug 14 Fri, Aug 20
Mon, Aug 23 Aug 15-Aug 28 Sat, Aug 28 Fri, Sep 3
Mon, Sep 6 Aug 29-Sep 11 Sat, Sep 11 Fri, Sep 17
N/A Sep 12-Sep 25 N/A Fri, Oct 1

Note the FY switch –  this doesn’t affect paychecks, but it may affect budgets. The first and last pay periods generally do not fall under summer employment dates, but are listed here for reference.

A note about imputed income. Those students who are receiving payment for their summer experience and who reside on campus will have imputed income applied. This means students will be taxed on the value of their campus housing. The value is calculated by multiplying a daily rate by the number of days a student is in campus housing.

A note about FICA. During the summer, students are subject to FICA withholding. This represents a contribution to Medicare and Social Security. FICA withholding is in addition to all applicable state and federal tax withholding. International students, attending Williams on a visa, are not subject to FICA withholding.