Summer Student Experiences

Student Employment information is being updated on an ongoing basis as we continue preparing for Workday to go live on June 16, 2024.

Summer Student Employment Dates for 2024: May 19 through September 7 

Summer employment for Williams students is different from academic year student employment in a few ways, most notably the pay schedule (see payroll dates table below), tax implications (see note on FICA below) and the weekly hours limit. However, many aspects of the experience remain the same.

  • Academic year positions are inactivated at the end of the semester. Therefore, students must be hired/rehired into summer positions in a department. Academic year positions won’t simply continue.
  • Summer programs are designed to be in-person experiences, and with the exception of some internships, students are expected to be on campus for the duration of their programs.
  • The college cannot “employ” students to perform work remotely during the summer.
  • Students are still required to complete the I-9 Form before they can be hired or receive payment. Contact us if you need to complete the I-9 and have already left campus.
  • Employment preference is given to enrolled Williams students, defined as entering first-years and rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
  • The 20 hours per week limitation does not apply in the summer. However, students are not permitted to earn overtime (over 40 hours per week) without prior authorization from their supervisor.

Questions About Summer Student Experiences:  please contact [email protected].

Summer 2024 Important Payroll Dates 

Summer Student Employment Dates for 2024: May 19 through September 7

(Please note this shecule differs from the pay schedule during the academic year)

Authorization and/or Change Forms required by this date
Pay periods Check issue date
N/A Su May 5 – Sa May 18 Fri, May 24
TBD Sun May 19 – Sat Jun 1 Fri, Jun 7
TBD Sun Jun 2 – Sat Jun 15 Fri, Jun 21
TBD Sun Jun 16 – Sat Jun 29** Fri, Jul 5
TBD Sun Jun 30 –  Sat July 13 Fri, Jul 19
TBD Sun July 14 – Sat Jul 27 Fri, Aug 2
TBD Sun Jul 28 – Sat Aug 10 Fri, Aug 16
TBD Sun Aug 11 – Sat Aug 24 Fri, Aug 30
TBD Sun Aug 25 – Sat Sep 7 Fri, Sep 13
N/A Sun Sep 8 – Sat Sep 21 Fri, Sep 27

**NOTE – Workday goes live on June 16; all student hiring activity and time recording will occur in Workday from this date forward.

The first and last pay periods included on this table generally do not fall under summer employment dates, but are listed here for reference.

A note about FICA. During the summer, students being paid through payroll are subject to FICA withholding at a rate of 7.65%. This represents a contribution to Medicare and Social Security. FICA is in addition to all other applicable state and federal tax withholding. International students attending Williams on a F-1 visa are not subject to FICA withholding.

A note about imputed income. Those students who are receiving payment for their summer experience and who receive free housing on campus must be taxed on the value of the campus housing provided by Williams. This is known as imputed income. The daily rate for summer 2023 is $23.65 per day (TBD for 2024). The value is calculated by multiplying the number of days a student uses campus housing by the daily rate. To ensure you are only taxed on the value of the housing you use, you MUST update your housing dates with the Office of Campus Life prior to any changes in your housing dates and no later than August 18 (TBD for 2024). The value of summer housing on campus will be included in your taxable scholarship that is reported on your 1098T form at the end of the calendar year. For international students, it will be reported on your 1042S.