This is information for on-campus supervisors and managers. If you’re an off-campus employer, please click here.

Departmental Administrative Assistants have been trained in the Manager Self Service section of the Human Resources System specifically for student employment, and serve as the key point people in hiring student employees. Faculty and staff should coordinate their hiring needs through their respective administrative assistants, or seek training in the system themselves.

Finding and Hiring Students

1. Get Trained | 2. Advertise | 3. Screen and Hire| 4. Work them! | 5. Be Happy!

Get Trained: College employees who oversee and/or coordinate student workers must familiarize themselves with the Student Employment Guidelines. They must also have access to Manager Self Service, which is gained by attending a student employment orientation session. Training is held upon request for both groups and individuals. Please contact the Student Employment Manager with questions, or to request training.

Advertise: All student job openings should be posted through the Career Center’s Handshake system. If you require access to Handshake, please be in touch with the Student Employment Manager. Here’s a handy tutorial for posting and editing jobs in Handshake.

Screen and Hire: After you’ve screened and selected your applicants, you must hire them through Manager Self Service >> Add a Hire Request. If you run into difficulty, please contact us so we can help.

**NO STUDENT MAY BEGIN WORKING WITHOUT A 3-DIGIT JOB NUMBER (assigned by the HR System upon hire)**

Schedule Them: After you’ve hired your new or returning students in the system, go ahead and schedule them, and approve their timecards directly in the HR System on time. Students will remain actively employed in their position(s) through the end of the academic year unless otherwise specified or requested.

Enjoy Working with Students: We hope you and the students are always happy with one another, but we know that’s not always the case. If you have concerns about a student employee’s performance, please contact the Student Employment Manager Student Employment Manager for guidance.

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