Off-Campus Employers

We’re happy to try to connect you with  talented Williams students to work for your business. Please take a second to identify what type of employer you are so that we can point you in the right direction. There are some other helpful links below.

FWS Employer:

If you’re a Federal Work Study Employer, you’ve already applied and connected with with the Office of Financial Aid. They instructed you to wait until you received a job number before you put any students to work for you.

Financial Aid should continue to be your primary contact.

Hiring a student: Please complete a hire request with the Online Job Authorization Form for Supervisors.  DO NOT ALLOW a student to work until you receive a job number for the student, otherwise you will be responsible for all payment and employment costs of the student.

The Student Employment Manager can help you help with the following:

Advertising: Please email [email protected] to discuss advertising strategies on-campus.

General Employer Near Campus

If you’re a Williamstown resident, or general employer near campus, you’re probably looking for some help from students a few hours a week to work a regular shift, or assist with a specific project for you personally, or for your business.

Email us! We would be happy to help connect you with students on campus. In your email, please include where the work is located, a rough idea of the type of work you need done, and approximately how many hours per week or per project you’re looking for help. Email [email protected].

General Employers

If you wish to connect current students with internships, summer and post-graduate professional jobs, or fellowship and graduate school opportunities, please contact the Williams College Career Center.

Helpful links for anyone employing Williams students:

Student Employment Guidelines || Pay Grades & Rates || Pay Schedule || Forms || Office of Financial Aid