PeopleSoft Help | Students

Did you know there are multiple PeopleSofts? A Blue one for basically everything associated with your “student records” and a Green one for employment matters. For student employment use

You can download the Student Employment Mod Instructions for Students if you’re new to PeopleSoft, and then follow the menu: PeopleSoft > Self Service > Williams Employment > My Employment to:

  • Confirm the completion status of required federal and state payroll forms
  • Report non-Williams employment to hiring departments on campus
  • Review Williams employment profile, including active and historical job data
  • Track campus earnings to stay within limit
  • View paychecks online

COMING UP: This year (2014-15), we’ll be doing time sheets directly in PeopleSoft. No more paper! Here is more information, including a video on how to use the PeopleSoft Timesheets and the Webclock.


Summer employment is different. You’re not quite a student, you’re not quite staff but you’re also both…If you’re looking for PeopleSoft instructions, your best bet is to reference the instructions for staff.