Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a college ID and parking sticker?

    For your photo ID, go to Campus Safety & Security, Hopkins Hall, lower level, between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Spouse/Partners and dependents*, ages 10-23 (age 25 for full-time students), may get photo IDs for $15 per person. Parking stickers can also be obtained at the CS&S Office, limited to two decals per family. Please have your vehicle registration(s) with you. *Spouses, Domestic Partners and dependent children must be set up with the Benefits department first to be eligible to get their ID.

  • What do I do in an emergency?

    Dial 9-911 from any campus phone to connect to the local emergency services. Campus security can be reached at x4444.

    A decision to close administrative operations are announced on the HR website, the college’s weather line 413-597-ICEY (4239), college email, and local television stations.

  • What about office supplies? copying? mailing? phones? faxing? equipment? furniture?

    Most departments have an inventory of office supplies and equipment. The college has an agreement with WB Mason for the purchasing of office supplies and copy paper. For additional information, see Office Supplies.

    Mail Services at 51 Park Street (Class of '37 Building) across from Paresky Hall, orders some equipment and does large-scale copying. This office also acts as a courier for campus mail and outgoing U.S. mail.

    Most administrative and academic offices have photocopiers and fax machines.  Williams uses the open-source CUPS print server in conjunction with PaperCut, an allotment management system, for centralized printing on more than 250 printers around campus.

    To add/change/cancel a Phone Extension or for help with other phone/voicemail/fax issues, submit a HelpDesk Ticket at OIT also provides support for many electronic devices. Information on College-provided cell phones can be found in the Communication Device Policy. Prior to purchase, please read the Electronic Device Policy.

    See departmental assistants or supervisors for more information about ordering furniture or equipment. If you have an issue with your workstation that is causing you physical discomfort, it is likely that it can be corrected with minor adjustments. Contact Frank Pekarski, Manager of Safety and Environmental Compliance, at [email protected] or at ext. 2406.

  • What about computers?

    A Mac or PC is available to new faculty and staff. Hiring Managers (for staff) or Administrative Assistants (for faculty) should complete a HelpDesk Ticket at for new staff or faculty, and work with the Office for Information Technology staff to provide additional needed equipment, software, and accounts. All allocated computers are connected to the Williams network.

    The OIT Help Desk can be accessed in a variety of ways:  call x4090, e-mail [email protected], complete an online Help Request form. For in-person assistance, stop by Jesup Hall rm 317 or the Center for Educational Technology (CET) in Sawyer Library. More resources can be found at Resources For Faculty and Resources for Staff on the OIT website.

  • How do I access technology training?
    Software Downloads and Guides

    Workshops and Training: Although a formal schedule of workshops has been suspended, OIT staff are always available to help with individual or group support on the programs and topics listed here (among others). If you would like to request training, please email [email protected].

    Online Training: LyndaCampus helps users learn how to use various programs (Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and create better finished products, be that images, videos, posters, web pages and presentations. Learn more about LyndaCampus and go to to sign up.

  • Where can I eat on campus?

    Dining Services offers a broad array of dining options for faculty, staff and students (see the Dining Services website for hours, payment plans and menus), including:

    The Faculty Club (lunch buffet weekdays during the academic year)

    Paresky Center: Grab 'n Go, Lee Snack Bar, Whitmans', and the '82 Grill

    The Eco-Café in the Science Center Atrium.

    The Committee on Undergraduate Life (CUL) subsidizes food for informal meetings between faculty/staff and students in the Eco-Café and the Lee Snack Bar. Up to $4.00/person, not to exceed $24.00, will be covered.

    All dining halls: payment may be in cash at the checker's station. Administrative staff and faculty members may dine in any dining hall at no charge when meeting with Williams College students.

    The Taconic Golf Club provides lunch seasonally. Membership is not required to dine in the clubhouse. (Ask for a lunch membership number in the club office).

  • What facilities and services are available to me?

    College faculty, staff, and spouses/partners with a College ID have borrowing privileges and access to all services and resources at Sawyer Library, the Schow Science Library, and the Matt Cole Library of Environmental Studies at The '66 Center for Environmental Studies. The Chapin Library of rare books and the Archives and Special Collections Department are also available for on-site use within Sawyer Library. See Williams College Libraries.

    College faculty and staff have access to indoor and outdoor Athletic facilities (ID may be required). Lockers are assigned in the Equipment Room, Chandler Gym, lower level, x2341.

    Faculty and staff may also join the Taconic Golf Club at a reduced rate (contact club office at 458-9669).

    Concerts and lectures are available to students, faculty, staff and their families. Most are free with an ID. Others require a small fee.

    Faculty and staff are welcome to join campus organizations such as the Berkshire Symphony (by audition), the Outing Club (see below), or the radio station.

    The Williams College Children's Center on Whitman Street is available for children of faculty, staff, and students. Contact the Center at 597-4800. A list of other local preschool and childcare providers is available through the Manager of Spouse Partner Resources, x4587.

    The Babysitting Service for Williams College faculty and staff children is available during the school year by emailing the babysitting coordinator. Visit Babysitting Service for more details.

    Various local vendors offer discounts to Williams employees. To obtain a discount, you must let the vendor know you are an employee of the college by providing a valid, current college identification card.

  • How do I join the Williams College Outing Club?

    For $15 annual membership dues, payable to WCO at their Equipment room (located in the basement of Paresky Hall, accessible through the basement staircase inside closest to the Park Street entrance), there is quite a bit to which you have access.  You will see the green and yellow "WCO" sticker on the door leading to the Equipment room, open M-Th 12:30pm to 1:30pm and F from 12:30pm to 2pm.  WCO has tents, sleeping bags, cookware, cross country ski boots, skis, and poles, snowshoes, climbing ropes, you name it, they have it!  They can provide you with information on the best places to hike, climb, and pitch a tent in the region.

  • What are some 'little known treasures' on campus?

    Chapin Library has an internationally recognized collection of rare books, manuscripts and letters, broadsides, prints and photographs, and ephemera, including the Founding Documents of the U.S., in addition to special exhibitions. The Chapin Library collection and staff are located on the upper floor of Stetson and can be accessed through Sawyer Library.

    Candlepin bowling alleys are in the Faculty House, lower level.

    Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA)  where admission is free and members receive a 10% discount at the Museum Shop. The Founding Documents of the U.S. are on display in the Williams College Museum of Art.

    Walking/hiking trails are in Hopkins Forest and on Stone Hill behind the Clark Art Institute.

    Hopkins Observatory has planetarium shows Friday evenings, 8:00 p.m. during the academic year; and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 p.m. during the summer. Call x2188 for free reservations and to check the times.